Welcome to Sugar Ridge Ranch

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina's only short term boarding facility for your horse

Welcome to Sugar Ridge Ranch, a short term boarding facility for your horse on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.  Come and enjoy riding your own horse on the beaches or stroll through the Maritime forest. There are plenty of areas to ride and take in the natural beauty this island has to offer.
All the exciting details


- Only temporary boarding facility on Hatteras Island
- Water and feed buckets, keyless entry tack room, muck cart, pitchforks, rakes, mounting blocks, and turnout space all provided
- Manure pick-up from access ramps
- Easy trailer turnaround for trailers less than 45ft
- Trailer parking


- 6 Stalls total- 4 stalls with attached paddock
- Paddock space available for use
- Sand floors in stalls- no shavings needed or necessary
- Round Pen
- 2 Keyless entry tack/feed rooms

What to know

- Need to bring your own hay/feed
*closest feed store is 2 hours away
- You are in charge of daily care/feeding
- No camping allowed- however we have 3 cabins available below that are within walking distance.
- Frisco woods campground has LQ hookups and your horse can stay here

Full Map Of Areas To Ride

Please check out the full map of areas to ride along the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. This map provides details on where the trails start from the numbered access ramps as well as the park rules and regulations. It is up to you, the guest, to follow and abide all signage posted by the park. We will not be held liable for any consequences that may come from breaking the rules. All horse back riders are required to follow the same rules vehicles abide by.

How to access the beach

In order to access the beach from the facility you must ride about 2-3 minutes on the main road which has a fairly wide shoulder. You take a left from the top of the driveway and ride down to Frisco Rod & Gun- or commonly known as the shell station in Frisco. From there, you take another left onto Billy Mitchell Road and ride along the side of this street to the access ramp called 49 which is directly before the federal campground.  It’s a short fifteen minute ride to the beach and also a great warm up before hitting the soft sand and getting to explore our beautiful  seashore!

What's included in the fee

We supply the water & feed buckets, pitch forks, and muck cart. There is also a keyless entry tack room, round pen, paddock space, trailer parking, and manure pickup from the access ramps on the beach. The feeding/cleanup of stall routines are your responsibility.

Payment/Return Policy

Once booked—Please know that the 50% deposit is non-refundable. The only time we allow a reschedule is if we are in a mandatory evacuation, i.e. hurricane or flooding. The reschedule has to be made within three months of the scheduled arrival date. We do not reschedule due to rain or thunderstorms. We will let the reservation guests know if mandatory evacuations are in process and will advice you of dates that are available to reschedule. The other 50% is due the day of your arrival.

Where you-the guest can NOT ride

You, the guest, are able to ride in most places. However, there are a few places to steer clear from. Places like the dunes on the beach, in the turtle nest enclosures, places where “no vehicle signs are posted”, or public campgrounds are not permitted to ride.

Hello, my name is Maggie

I have dreamed for years of owning a horse facility and getting to work with people just like myself- “the horse lovers.” I guess you could say I am the beach loving cowgirl!  

In September of 2021, I was able to make that dream of mine come true- I opened the doors here at Sugar Ridge Ranch and have met so many wonderful guests and made many memories which are only continuing to grow!

People have stopped me for years on the beach asking me questions about horses in the area and if there were any places that they could possibly bring their own to which my reply was always- there is no where for you to bring your own…. so, here I am!  

I’ve created not only my dream, but hopefully the dreams of others- to be able to ride their own horse on the beach! I look forward to your experience here at Sugar Ridge and I hope it’s everything you imagined! Come check off your bucket list experience!!

Frequently asked questions

What is included in the $75 stall fee?
Do you have to access the main road to get to the beach?
Are the cabins within walking distance to the barn and if so, how many do they sleep?
What is your payment policy?
Do you offer LQ hookups or camping?

Still have questions?

Still have a few questions about your stay here at Sugar Ridge Ranch or what Cape Hatteras has to offer?  Reach out today, I would love to answer any questions you may have.